"My Chimney Balloon reduced my gas bills by half - the room feels snug with it - brilliant, no worries"

M. King, Sale


It was a dark and stormy night in November 1990. And as the wind whistled down David Woodman’s chimney and round his stockinged feet he shivered. He’d already packed the chimney with a large wad of old Echo newspapers, but that didn't do the trick.

Something more effective was called for. Either that or David was going to have to pull on a third jumper – but he wasn’t sure his Gran was up to the extra knitting.

But necessity is the mother of invention. His first idea was an ordinary party balloon inflated in the chimney to seal the gap. It worked – for a day.

Back to the drawing board.

David was an Engineering Designer. Couldn’t he use his skills to devise the perfect solution?

Luckily David found a very special plastic that was non-porous but thin enough to inflate and when fashioned into a balloon shape, fitted perfectly into the chimney’s nooks and crannies. Ahh, warm feet at last.

That was the very first Chimney Balloon and it worked.

In fact its worked so well that David is now manufacturing and selling them through fireplace shops and by mail order. And so, years later David is still warm, even in the coldest and wildest of nights – but now so too are thousands of other people.

the balloon

The Chimney Balloon – now it’s even better Now in a number of different sizes, so as to fit even more chimneys, The Chimney Balloon doesn’t just keep cold draughts out, it also quickly pays for itself by stopping your lovely warm air from going up the chimney.

But that’s not all. Chimney Balloons also hold back not just birds’ mess and soot from chimneys, but birds as well.

Many happy customers have also sent in letters saying that their Chimney Balloon helps to reduce outside noise as well.