The Chimney Balloon works. But don’t just take our word for it, these are just what a few people have said about it over the years (and only a few are close friends and family).

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"Thank you very much for the balloon. We are amazed just how much warmer the room is despite having only a 1.5Kw output on our new electric fire - the previous fire was 2 Kw. Your speed of response was really wonderful. You should set up a website for such a wonderfully innovative product"

R G Barton, St Margaret's Bay, Kent large break

"My Chimney Balloon reduced my gas bills by half - the room feels snug with it - brilliant, no worries"

M. King, Sale large break

"My friend says they're wonderful - she has 3 or 4"

F.A. Gold, Wantage large break

"The wonderful Chimney Balloon has transformed our lives! - it works beautifully and I have recommended it to others. A simple idea that works so well and is very cost effective"

R. Clubb, Aberdeen large break

"They are brilliant"

Mrs. P.M. Nicholson, Ganstead, Hull large break

"It's a super thing"

A. Kelly, Knockboy, Co. Waterford large break

"You appear to have the product I badly need"

A. Hogarth, Chipping Camden large break

"The Chimney Balloon you promptly despatched to us last week is working very well. Thank you for your efficient service"

D. Thorpe, East Halton, Immingham large break

"I need three Chimney Balloons. They have been recommended by a colleague at work"

G. Harvey, Dartford large break

"I was astounded how warm it made the room. We had to have a 1-bar electric heater on all the time. After fitting the Chimney Balloon, the room warmed up. We switched off the heater and an hour and a half later, the room was still warm. It made a dramatic increase in warmth"

D. Leal-Bennett, Hitchin large break

"I've seen one of your Chimney Balloons at a friend's house and I think they are the bees knees!"

Trevor Williams, High Peak large break

"I need another Chimney Balloon please. My previous one lasted for over 5 years, which you said it would. Keep up the good work with your excellent product"

Peta Rozier, Maidenhead large break

"We bought a couple from you last week, and when we fitted them we realised how good they were. We want another two"

B.R. Buist, Tewkesbury large break

"I bought some from you two weeks ago. They're great, my house is much warmer now." "Excellent they are, wonderful"

J.M. Champernowe, Budleigh Salterton large break

"Please could you send me another Chimney Balloon. We have already purchased one and found it very successful. Thank You"

Marion Elliott, Bridgend, Glamorgan. large break

"They are fantastic, they really are"

A. Hayter, Maisemore, Glos large break

"I need two more. The other ones work beautifully. They really keep the heat in"

J. M. Thorogood, Shere, Surrey large break

"We're very pleased with the Chimney Balloon we bought last week. The room is rather warmer, a lot more cosier, and it has reduced the noise considerably. I'd like another two for other rooms"

R.L. Hughes, Harpenden, Herts large break

"I must say the balloon does work"

P. Lyster, Cranham. Glos large break

"Please can I take this opportunity of thanking you for a really splendid solution to a problem which has caused me much stress over many years. The chimney is prone to downdraughts and then we have a fine layer of soot everywhere. This clever balloon has saved me many hours of work, and as a by product it has also made the room much cosier"

M. Stansfield, High Ercall, Shropshire large break

"Fiendishly clever; really, really, really they are"

Sir I. Patnik, Sheffield large break

"We bought our Chimney Balloon to reduce the noise, which it does very effectively. But we didn't know how much heat we'd been losing up the chimney until we'd fitted it. Please send a leaflet to my brother - he wants one"

Sister of R. England, Marple, Cheshire large break

"I bought 3 a week ago. They work very well, and I want another. They're dead easy to fit"

Mr. L. Clark, Wimborne, Dorset large break

"We bought four last month. We're amazed that something so simple can be so effective. It has made a marked improvement to our comfort"

Mr. R. Gadeselli, London large break

"I think its really, really good: it saves so much heat. I think its the best thing I've ever bought"

Mrs. J. Vaughan, Isle of Man large break
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