Ready for use instantly, stops instantly No flames or matches, leaves no marks
No residue, just a faint, slightly sweet aroma Built-in LED torch activated by trigger


  • Energy Assessors
  • Chimney Sweeps
  • Chimney Specialists
  • Gas Fitters
  • HVAC & Laboratory Technicians
  • Aeroplane & Jet Mechanics
  • Engineers involved in Fireproofing,
    Clean Rooms & Pneumatics
  • DIY Homeowners


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  • Online from Doctor Energy:
  • or by phone direct from us:
    01252 319325
Squeeze the trigger for continuous smoke.
Make it more dense by pumping the trigger.
Fine plume of smoke for searching out the most
elusive of draughts. Built-in LED torch.

Light Duty Smoke
Pencil with Smoke
Fluid (requires 6–AA
Rechargeable NiMH
are recommended) LDP £23.95

Smoke Pencil Pro
with Smoke Fluid
(requires 6–AA batteries.
Rechargeable NiMH
are recommended) PRO £32.60

Smoke Fluid
Refill Bottle
(89ml) SMR £6.43

Smoke Pencil Adapter Tip for a pencil-thin Smoke plume (requires
1-AA battery) TIP £13.95

Field Kit (contains PRO, TIP, SFR, & 7 batteries) KIT £69.75

These smoke pencils are battery operated smoke sticks. A very small internal heating element heats the Glycerine, Glycol & Water solution to produce a fine steam that looks like smoke. The smoke is non-toxic, smells faintly sugary and is of a good consistency for draught testing.

The smoke density and duration are easily controlled by a progressive trigger. Being produced electrically, smoke is always available on demand. There is also a built-in LED light that helps to illuminate the area you are testing. Batteries last a long time, 1400 mAh or better NiMH rechargeable batteries are recommended.

Prices are from July 2016 and exclude VAT.
Postage extra as follows: For 1 item, add 10% For 2-5 items, add 7.5% For 6-8 items, add 5% For 9 or more, free delivery.

Transportation Note: Other types of smoke sticks and smoke puffers have very dangerous chemicals or inflammables in them. Most of these other smoke sticks can’t even be taken on to a plane or sent via Air Package Carrier or post because of these materials. This Smoke Pencil is different since it operates on a harmless glycol, glycerine and water vapour. Also the smoke fluid comes in a small 3 oz (89 ml) bottle that is allowable by the CAA.